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Film Clapboard Slate - Clapperboard - Movie Clapboard Slate

Clapboards are also known as Film Slates, Movie Slates, Clapperboards, a Director's Slate
and a White Director's Clapboard

We offer a line of quality professional film slates or clapboards as they are also called, that are used by videographers, filmmakers and studios
 around the world!  We know because they purchase directly from us!

The clapboards or film slates we offer are the industry standard models. These clapboards have been used in numerous film productions,
 TV commercials, video productions, the MTV Awards and even on last year’s Academy Awards® ceremony on TV.  These are NOT the toy clapboards
that other companies are trying to pass off as professional.

We currently offer 4 different types of Clapboards.
For information on How to use a Film Clapboard you can read this article.

White Director's Clapboard Clapboards also known as a Clapperboard
Film Slate Clapboard Director's Slate Clapboard
9.75" x 12" Pro Clapboard Color -- $57.99
On Sale - $49.99


Professional Clapboard with Color Bars

This is our most popular Clapboard.  This a Professional Clapboard with color bars on the clap sticks. This film slate measures 9.75" x 12" and it a white acrylic, dry erase clapboard.  This is the most popular among film makers and professionals videographers. It is made from 1/8” acrylic and it can be back-lit for night shots.

The sticks feature color bars to help match colors during editing when color correction maybe applied.  The sticks contain a small magnet to keep the sticks together when transporting.  They are hinged by rigid steel plates and screws to insure continued, rigorous use by professionals.  The writing area is 8" x 12"

You can use either Dry Erase or Wet Erase markers.  Please note, some dry erase markers may stain the board.  So we recommend using ONLY the Expo Vis-a-Vis Pen Wet Erase. They are use with overhead projectors. It wipes off easily with a damp paper towel or damp cloth.   You can order these directly from us.  See the Clap Pen Below.

This is a quality built Clapboard or Film Slate.  This same board sells in Hollywood for around $98.  Be careful of cheap clapboards, they have problems with the paint coming off the clap sticks, they don't use a high quality 1/8" acrylic board, they are generally only a 1/16" plastic board and the overall construction is not very good.

We have sold our White Director's Clapboard to TV and Film production companies, indie film makers and videographers around the world.

Note: You may find other Clapboards or Movie Slates that look like this model, however, they are not a full size Clapboard.  They are a much smaller size.

Movie Slate or Movie Clapboard
Clapboard / Film Slate Professional --$49.99

On Sale - $44.99


Professional Clapboard

Our newest Professional Clapboard. This white director's clapboard or film slate measures 9.75" x 12" and it a white acrylic. This is a standard style that is used by videographers and filmmakers.

It is built using top quality 1/8” acrylic slate and rugged hardwood sticks.  Since it is an acrylic clapboard, you can easily backlight the clapboard when shooting at night.

We use screws to hold the hinged steel plates to the clapboard sticks.  This is allows continued and rigorous use by filmmakers and videographers. Like the slate above, the writing area is 8" x 12".

While you can use either Dry Erase or Wet Erase markers, we STRONGLY recommend using the  Expo Vis-a-Vis Pen Wet Erase pens.  The reason for this is, we found that some dry erase pens will stain the clapboards, where the  Expo Vis-a-Vis Pen Wet Erase will not. You can order these directly from us.  See the Clap Pen Below.

Once again, be careful if you are looking around at different film slates or clapboards.  While other companies may show pictures of clapboards that look like ours, the quality is not as good as ours.

Film Slate Clapboards
9.5" x 11" Clapboard Standard -- $34.99

Standard Clapboard

The Standard Clapboard is an 9.5" x 11" White Film Slate or Director's Slate.

It features wooden clap sticks with a write on slate area that can be back-lit for night shots.

The write-on part of the slate is made of plastic and is not as thick as our professional film slates or clapboards shown above.  While you can use this as a working slate, a lot of people use it for a prop or office decoration.

The writing area is 7.5" x 11"

This Film Slate uses a Dry Erase or Wet Erase Pen.

We recommend using ONLY the Expo Vis-a-Vis Pen Wet Erase. They are use with overhead projectors. It wipes off easily with a damp paper towel or damp cloth.   You can order these directly from us.  See the Clap Pen Below.

Clapboards old Hollywood Movie Slate style
9.5" x 11" Clapboard Standard -- $34.99

Clapboard Original Style

This is the original style of clapboards.  It is a 9.5" x 11" chalk Film Slate.

It features wooden clap sticks and the blackboard is designed to be written on with chalk.

Even though a lot of people will use this style as a prop or decoration, it is an actual working clapboard

We recommend you use a higher grade of chalk on this board as some of the *mart stores carry a low grade chalk with a wax component which can make writing on the clapboard difficult.

Clapboard Pen
Works with all of our Clapboards
Clapboard Wet Erase Pen -- $1.99
Item # Clappen

A Short History on Film Slates or Clapboards

The first movie clapperboard, as shown below, was made from a wooden chalkboard with a hinged clap sticks mounted on the top.  The chalkboard was the slate where they wrote information about the space or location, the scene and the take.

First Movie Clapboard

Over the years, the clapboard or movie slate has evolved from using chalk to using a whiteboard slate with the clap sticks mounted on top.

A crew member will use a wet erase or dry erase marker, instead of chalk, to write on the clapboard or clapperboard.

Using a white board style clapboard or clapperboard allows the board to be read easier, even with minimal light.  Today, almost all independent filmmakers and videographers use the whiteboard movie slates or clapboards, as shown below.

Movie Slate in use

In the above photo, the cameraman is pointing his camera directly at the white director's clapboard.

Customers who have bought clapboard or clapperboards

Labeling The Clapboard Slate or Film Clapboard

While the white type of clapboard will work with most Dry Erase pens, we really don't recommend them.  The reason is they can stain the clapboard.  We strongly recommend using the Clapboard Wet Erase Pen that is sold on the left side of the screen.

Besides writing in the name of the Production, Directory, Camera and the Date. You can always use removable vinyl letters and numbers. The ones we have used are made by Chartpak and are called Pickett Design Vinyl Numbers/Letters Stickers, 3/4", Black. You can get them in other sized, but the 3/4 inch ones fit the best.

Using Clapboards, Film Slates, White Director Slates and Clapperboards.

A Clapboard is know by several names such as, a Clapper Board, Film Slate, Director Slate and several other names.

The most popular types of film slates or clapboards used by filmmakers and videographers are the white acrylic type.  While you will still see some of the chalk type boards, the black boards with white lettering being used, they are simply not as popular any more.  However, they are popular as a decoration item.

A clapboard or film slate performs two functions for the videographer or filmmaker.

First, by writing on the clapboard or film slate, you can identify the shot with information for scene, take and roll.  While roll is to identify the film roll, with todays filmmakers and videographers shooting on digital media, roll is now used to identify the digital media card that is being used for the shot.

By identify the each shot and using a shot log, when you go to edit your project you will know which shots were good and which shots were not so good.  This saves you a lot of time during the editing process, as you can skip the shots that you logged as bad shots.

Second, is audio and camera synchronization.  If you are using a separate audio recorder to capture your audio, like a lot of DSLR filmmakers do.  You will need some way to sync your audio in post productions.

When you clap the sticks together, this will give you both a visual cue and a audible cue, so you can sync up the video with the audio for each scene.

If you are shooting with multiple cameras, you can use the clap sound to sync up each camera for the shot.  This helps during post productions to keep the video from each camera synced.

Sometimes a clapboard or film slate will be used at the end of the take and the clapboard or clapperboard will be held upside down. This is primarily done when the clapboard or film slate was not used at the beginning of the take, due to the camera placement.

You want to use clapboard or film slate during all shots, so each take can be easily identified.

On some clapboards you will see labels such as:

Day - You circle this for a day time shot.
Nite - You circle this for a night time shot.
Int - You circle this for a interior shot.
Ext - You circle this for a exterior shot.
Mos - You circle this for a "motor only shot". I will explain this below.
Filter - If you are using a filter on the lens, you mark that after the work filter.
Sync - Circle this for a Sync shot. I will explain below.

Mos - This stands for Motor Only Shot.  This means, that no audio will be recorded with this shot.  You will be adding audio, music or sound effects later in post production with a Mos shot.  When a slate is used in a MOS take, normally the sticks are held half open.  However, you may see the film slate sticks closed,

Sync - When you circle this label, you are indicating that the clapboard is being used to synchronize cameras with the clapping sound from the sticks on the clapboard.

Note: A clapboard is also known as a Clapboard Slate, Film Slate, Movie Slate, Director's Slate, Production Slate, Clapper Board, White Director Slate, Scene Slate, Clapper Slate, Clap Board, etc.

For more detailed information on how to use a Film Clapboard
 you can read this article.

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