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Standard Definition 720x480 - Broadcast Quality Video Backgrounds

All SD (720 x 480) Volumes On Sale!!!!

Royalty Free Animated Video Backgrounds
We have one of the largest selection of video backgrounds available.
111 Volumes of video backgrounds, with more coming.

Looking for HD Video Backgrounds at 1920 x 1080?  We have them!!
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Royalty Free Animations DVD Case
Video backgrounds are used every day through out world by video production companies, post production facilities, network TV and the broadcast market.

Using video backgrounds allow you to hold the viewer's attention, while stepping up the quality of your video productions. The result is a video production that has a professional look and is more interesting to the viewer.

Easy To Use
Simply copy the video backgrounds to your hard drive. Then just drag the video background from the hard drive and drop the video background right into your NLE timeline.

True Drag & Drop Animations
The animations we offer are true Drag & Drop usage. We offer animations that are pre-formatted and pre-rendered, with NTSC legal color and luminance levels and are 29.97 fps.

Available Formats
Our video backgrounds are available in QuickTime format or AVI format. This allows them to be used in virtually all NLE systems.

QuickTime Format:
True Drag & Drop QuickTime File in DV Format 720 x 480 Uncompressed, Pre-Fielded at 29.97 fps

AVI Format:
True Drag & Drop AVI File
Microsoft DV Format 720 x 480
Uncompressed, Pre-Fielded at 29.97 fps

Compatibility Chart

Our Animations Are
100% Royalty Free

Animations from Studio 1 Productions are 100% royalty free. Each animation library comes with an "Unlimited Production Usage" license. Click Here for the License Details

Video Backgrounds

Abstract Motion Graphics
Abstract Motion Graphics
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 1
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 2
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 3
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 4
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 5
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 6
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 7
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 8
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 9
Abstract Motion Graphics Vol. 10
Abstract Wires Motion Graphics
Abstract Wires

Abstract Motion Graphics Wires Vol. 1
Business Themes Video Background
Business Video Backgrounds
Business Themes Vol. 1
Computers and Electronics Animations
Computer and Electronics
Computer and Electronics Vol. 1
Digital Theme Animated Loops
Digital Theme
Animated Backgrounds

Digital Theme Animated Backgrounds Vol. 1
DVD and Movie Intro
DVD and Movie Intro's

DVD and Movie Intro Vol. 1
Children and Family Video Themes
Family Themes

Family Themes Vol. 1
Includes Children, Parties, Family and Educational
Moive and Film Video Backgrounds
Film Theme Video Backgrounds
Film Elements Vol. 1
Film Elements Vol. 2
Video Backgrounds with a Movie and Film Theme
Animations of Fire and Explosions
Fire and Explosions
Fire and Explosions Vol. 1
Future Tech Theme Motion Loops
Future Tech
FutureTech Vol. 1
Motion Loops of Glass Effects
Glass Effects
Glass Vol. 1
Glass Vol. 2
Animated Video Backgrounds with a Glass or Glossy Effect
Globes and Earth Animated Backgrounds
Globes and Earth
Globes and Earth Vol. 1
Globes and Earth Vol. 2
Globes and Earth Vol. 3
Globes and Earth Vol. 4
Globes and Earth Vol. 5
Industrial Theme
Industrial and Mechanical
Industrial/Mechanical Vol. 1
Landscapes Video Background
Landscapes Vol. 1

Landscapes Vol. 1
Animations of Liquid Flowing
Liquid Flow
Liquid Flow Vol. 1
Animated Lower Thirds
Lower 3rds
Animated Lower 3rds Vol. 1
Medical Theme Animations
Medical Theme Animations
Medical Vol. 1
Medical Vol. 2
Metallic Style Background Animations
Metallic Style Backgrounds
Metallic Vol. 1
Money Animations
Money Backgrounds
Money Vol. 1
Musical Themes Animated Video Backgrounds
Music Themes
Music Theme Vol. 1
Music Theme Vol. 2

Network Style Video Backgrounds for Broadcast
Network Style Video Backgrounds
Network Style Vol. 1
Network Style Vol. 2
Network Style Vol. 3
Network Style Vol. 4
Network Style Vol. 5
Network Style Vol. 6
Network Style Vol. 7
Patriotic and Flag Backgrounds
Patriotic and Flags

Patriotic and Flags Vol. 1
Patriotic and Flags Vol. 2
Science Theme Animations
Science Themes

Science Vol. 1
Sci-Fi Content
Sci Fi Themes
Sci-Fi Vol. 1
Shapes and Spheres Backgrounds
Shapes and Spheres
Shapes Vol. 1
Outer Space Video Background Themes
Space and Star Fields
Space & Star Fields Vol. 1
Space Vol. 2
Space Vol. 3

Sports Football Baseball Basketball Animated Backgrounds
Sports Video Backgrounds
Sports Vol. 1 - Baseball
Sports Vol. 2 - Basketball
Sports Vol. 3 - Football
Sports Vol. 4 - Golf
Sports Vol. 5 - Soccer
Sports Vol. 6 - Tennis
Sports Vol. 7 - Misc.
Sunset and Sky Motion Loops
Sunsets and Skies
Sunsets and Skies Vol. 1
Technology Background Loops
Technology Video Backgrounds
Technology Vol. 1
Time and Travel Themes
Time and Travel
Time and Travel Vol. 1
Wedding Video Backgrounds
Wedding Themes
Weddings Vol. 1
Weddings Vol. 2
Weddings Vol. 3
Weddings Vol. 4
Weddings Vol. 5
Winter and Holiday Animated Motion Loops
Winter Holidays
Winter & Holidays Vol. 1
Winter & Holidays Vol. 2
World Flags Waving Animations
World Flags
World Flags Vol. 1
Worship Video Backgrounds
Worship Themes
Worship Vol. 1
Worship Vol. 2
Worship Vol. 3
Worship Vol. 4

Video Backgrounds
Broadcast Quality Royalty Free Video Backgrounds

Video Backgrounds are also known as Animated Backgrounds, Motion Loops, Motion Backgrounds, Video Background, Video Loops, 3D Animation, Animated Graphics, Graphic Backgrounds, Motion Graphics and Moving Backgrounds.

What Is Your Refund Policy On Animations?
We have provided demos for each animation online. There are NO refunds on animations (or music, sound effects, software, stock photos and stock footage) since they can be copied to a hard drive and still used in a production after the masters have been returned. This is why we provide online demos. Defective items will items will be exchanged for the EXACT same item. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

Studio 1 has one of the largest selections of video backgrounds. Using video backgrounds or animated backgrounds, allow you to hold the viewer's attention, while stepping up the quality of your video productions. The result is a video production that has a professional look and is more interesting to the viewer. Be sure to check out our video backgrounds. We offer video background in both SD format and HD format. We are always adding new video backgrounds, so check back often.
Our video backgrounds work with all video editing systems.