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Studio 1 Productions has been in business since 1993.

Since 1993 when Studio 1 Productions opened, we have been serving videographers and filmmakers. Whether you are home user, hobbyist, prosumer or professional, we are here to help you.

Studio 1 Productions, is owned and run by honest and experienced videographers. This is why so many people have come to rely on us for dependable and knowledgeable answers and products.  All of the products we offer are products we use ourselves in our video productions. This gives us a better knowledge of the products over other companies.

We offer a wide range of products, from video equipment to video backgrounds, music and sound effects. Our products are used by videographers, filmmakers, video editors, TV production companies and TV stations around the world.

We have free articles on video editing, production and more. Our articles, with free software, on how to enable NVidia graphics cards to be use in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, is wildly popular on the internet. We have received much praise from Adobe users and industry leaders on these articles.

We are NOT like other companies, that just want to sell you something. We want to help you with your needs. So we will be honest with our answers, even if that means not selling you something and recommending another company that offers the product you need.

We look forward to helping you. Our tech support is always FREE, so don't be afraid to ask us questions.

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You can also follow us on our blog. All of our blog posts are syndicated via RSS, so you can use your favorite RSS reader or e-mail program to follow our blog.

We have new products coming in all the time, so please bookmark us and check back often.